All public Internet computers require user login. These include all Internet stations at the Computer Center (including two iMac stations), Computer Lab, Adult Services Reference Table, Business and Investment Table, Local History Table, Teen Room, and Youth Services.

Residents will use their library card number to login at a Resident computer.  Guests will use either their TLN registered library card or request a Guest pass to use a Guest computer. Please note that an ID is required to obtain a Guest pass.

The public computers allow you to access the Internet, use a number of Microsoft Office programs, burn CDs, watch DVDs, listen to music, scan and edit photos, and edit movies.

There are no time limits on computer use for residents. Guests may use 2 hours of computer time per day.

Patrons are encouraged to bring their own memory sticks/drives to save their work.

Our public computers also offer the following software:  Microsoft Office 2010, Power DVD DX, Roxio Creator Home, Real Player, Windows Media Player, MOIS for Windows, OverDrive Media Console, Paint, QuickTime Player, Word Pad, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Reader 8, and HP Photosmart Premier

The computer lab offers patrons a space to enjoy the library’s various computer classes. The lab provides patrons with all the equipment they need for any class and a quiet environment in which to learn. Check out the technology courses available.

We have black and white and color printing and copying available from our public computers and copiers at .15/page for b&w and .50/page for color.


Our public fax machine powered by Fax24 is located in the Computer Center. This is a self service fax machine to send a fax only.  Visa, MC, AMEX, and Discover credit cards are accepted for payment of this service.

The costs to send a fax are:

$1.50 first page sent in the USA
$1.00 for each additional page sent in the USA
$4.95 first page sent internationally
$3.45 each additional page sent internationally

The Early Literacy Stations in the Youth Department are filled with educational games for children ages 2-10. These games span more than seven curricular areas, such as arithmetic and spelling.

  1. You must first run the application; click the link here.
  2. Once you run the application it will install two printers for you to temporarily use. When you are ready to print, hit the print button on your computer and select either black and white or color.
  3. You will be prompted for a username, type in a name to associate your print jobs to.
  4.  When you are ready to release your print job, visit the Computer Center’s wireless print release station.
  5.  On the print release station, type in your username. This will pull up a list of all print jobs associated with your username.
  6.  Insert your copy card or library card into the print release station card reader to fund the jobs. If you need to add additional money to the card then you must visit a card dispensing station.
  7. On the print release station, select the jobs you wish to print and hit the Print button at the top left.
  8. That’s it! The printers will disappear upon restart OR if you are using a Mac, to close the Mac Print Client, select “Quit LPT One Mobile Print Client” from the LPT One Mobile Print Client menu.