royal game

The royal game & other stories / Stefan Zweig

Zweig’s collection starts out rocky; the first two stories are melodramatic and their circumstances feel contrived.  They are evidence for why the author’s reputation has diminished over time.  And yet, the third story, a novella, Burning Secret, is a marvelous success and a brilliant gem embodying Zweig’s preoccupation with the then burgeoning field of psychoanalysis.  […]

life edge

Life on the edge : the coming of age of quantum biology / Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili

As if the intricacy of biology and botany on the molecular level wasn’t baffling enough for me, I was drawn to this book by its title. McFadden and Khalili explain their arguments that DNA mutations, photosynthesis, and even our sense of smell are helped along at the even smaller particle level by quantum mechanics. They […]

fall ottomans

The fall of the Ottomans : the Great War in the Middle East / Eugene Rogan

In this book about the Ottoman entry into World War I, the author reports extensively from primary materials accessed in Turkish archives that have not been used in other histories available to western readers. This includes soldier diaries, letters and memoirs that yield immediacy and urgency to the story. An example is the author’s account […]



Look for copies of these titles in the Teen Fiction Collection.  Copies may also be available in audiobook, ebook and downloadable audio formats.  Check the Library catalog for complete holdings.  2013 Winner:  In Darkness by Nick Lake In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, fifteen-year-old Shorty, a poor gang member from the slums of Site Soleil, is […]


Sartorial Splendor: Books about Fashion

There’s a story behind every outfit and everyone who creates them.  Fashion can reflect our links to the past and hopes for the future.   From true stories about famous and ordinary people, to historical dramas,  enjoy these stories about clothes and the women who create them.  You’ll find books about fashion and sewing in the […]