The little Paris bookshop / Nina George

This most delightful book is the story of the “Literary Apothecary” – the bookseller who prescribes the right book for his customers’ particular emotional maladies.  The right book can fix any difficulty but his own.  He lost the love of his life twenty years before the action of the book and has been in a […]


Transatlantic / Colum McCann

This is a book that may require multiple readings to fully appreciate.  It is an epic covering one hundred-fifty years, three transatlantic journeys, and four generations of women squeezed into just over three hundred pages.  I heaved a sigh as I closed this book after the first reading. The second time around, with the story […]


The residence : inside the private world of the White House / Kate Andersen Brower

Brower gives a voice to the most amazing and discrete staff in the world, the butlers, maids, cooks, florists, painters, plumbers, nannies,  ushers, and others  who care and protect the President of the United States and his  family.   These people are beyond dedicated and strongly protect the First Family’s privacy. But Brower has encouraged them […]



Look for copies of these titles in the Teen Fiction Collection.  Copies may also be available in audiobook, ebook and downloadable audio formats.  Check the Library catalog for complete holdings.  2013 Winner:  In Darkness by Nick Lake In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, fifteen-year-old Shorty, a poor gang member from the slums of Site Soleil, is […]


Sartorial Splendor: Books about Fashion

There’s a story behind every outfit and everyone who creates them.  Fashion can reflect our links to the past and hopes for the future.   From true stories about famous and ordinary people, to historical dramas,  enjoy these stories about clothes and the women who create them.  You’ll find books about fashion and sewing in the […]