rogue lawyer

Rogue lawyer / John Grisham

I’ve read most of Grisham’s novels and Rogue Lawyer is different and a standout. Sebastian Rudd is a defense attorney who takes the cases of the gruesome guilty that nobody else will take. The killer of sweet little girls in a small town where a venue change just won’t happen, the guy who shoots a […]

brain on fire

Brain on fire : my month of madness / Susannah Cahalan

A bright young cub reporter for the New York Post is suddenly by stricken with a mysterious and rare brain disorder which swiftly puts her on the brink of madness. By pure luck a newly arrived Syrian born Doctor is put on the case that NYU Hospital’s best neurologists could not solve and uncovers the […]

art of hearing heartbeats

The art of hearing heartbeats / Jan-Philipp Sendker

Julia’s Burmese father has been  missing for four years.  Upon finding a long forgotten love letter, she decides that it is time to find out exactly what has happened to him.  Julia goes to Burma where she meets U Ba, a man who claims he knows her father. As he speaks a beautiful love story […]