Taking the ACT?

If you are about to take the ACT, SAT, LSAT or GMAT soon, don’t forget to try our test prep databases.  Loaded with preview exams, tips and tricks, we have what you need to study for your big day!  Start learning today with EPrep Online and Testing & Education Reference Center!

Cyber Seniors

Cyber Seniors: A Documentary

Check out this new documentary that just came in at the library! Cyber Seniors follows a group of senior citizens who discover the internet and everything it can make possible with the assistance of teenage helpers. Watch as these seniors tackle YouTube, Skype, online dating, and even a heated YouTube “views” battle. This documentary provides […]


I have a new tablet. Now what?

The library is here to help you with your new device!  We’re having drop-in help in the lobby on Monday, February 23, any time between 7 and 8 pm.  Stop in to learn about how to get free eBooks or audiobook downloads for your tablet, phone or computer.    This is not a formal class […]


Mergent Intellect

Mergent Intellect has finally arrived!  We are excited to add this comprehensive database to our collection.  Mergent Intellect is filled with company information, annual reports, residential and business phone numbers, and more.  Start your search today!


OED Online

We are happy to announce that we have added The Oxford English Dictionary online.  Access is now available 24 hours a day.  Check out the Word of the Day or finish the New York Times Crossword Puzzle in record time.  This in depth dictionary is the definitive record of the English language.  Make sure you try […]